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Even On Our Anxious Days, We Grow: A Perspective.

Those hard days are an ever learning and ever-adapting form of the ways that we choose to cope with. You may not have all the answers but that is what we one may say, as a learning phase. 

To want to get rid of feelings of uncertainty, those moments of anxiety that no one talks about. It grows bad enough for you may end up frustrated.  The desire to see yourself as happy as others, without the presence of triggers around, remains a desire. For it may feel that something just stole years of your life. 

Being stuck in ways and thoughts and constantly fighting for it, while others are passing by with marks of achievement is a terrifying feeling to exist in. These are your hard days where you battle between fight or flight modes of your nervous system. Either you avoid your feelings of abandonment, or exert your control, hard enough to attain it. But you don't need both. For there is still growing among those, without a language. 

There is no language for the choices you still get. No language when you seek to be mindful of your needs. There is no language when you take the steps to collect resources along the way. No language when you are selective about the people around you. No language when you slowly move toward those who you feel safe around. 

Growth is your awareness to redirect attention towards things that bring you joy in your language. There is growth when you listen to your instinct and seek the direction towards your pathway. 


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