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You Don't Have To Neglect Your Feelings To Overcome Your Bad Days.

Some things in life may get okay. While others may not. Sometimes you will fight your best and still lose. Days where you work hard and yet do not achieve enough. Days when you will wanna hold on, and yet struggle but let go.  There's a small room between the paradoxes that you may experience. Between wanting to change them and knowing what they are to you. Between caring for someone and knowing it's time you leave. Between striving for approval and knowing that you are enough.  The small room is your acceptance. The gap where you fill it will emotions of pain. Moments of sadness. And the whole roller coaster ride, of trying to make sense of things that won't.  But you will know, that asking for help, won't make you incompetent . That needing a break from kids, won't make you a bad parent. That setting boundaries for yourself won't stop you from keeping your heart open.  You will ensure that, while you want the end of suffering to come at this very moment, you

The Idea Of Acceptance Is Vague. Here's Why.

 Acceptance is not when we decide to free ourselves from the pain that we hold inside. Not when letting go is the only option to seek the path to freedom and peace. Not when holding on is hurting you more until you can't bear it.  Acceptance does not mean seeking peace. Acceptance does not mean picking others' advice and deciding to no longer think about it. Neither does it mean to forget the person who we loved so dearly, just the next moment. Acceptance in itself may result in peace but however, does not mean shutting yourself off from those thoughts that were important to you once.  The idea of acceptance may lead you to empty gaps. These gaps may make you wanna seek other people, other situations, and different approaches that would be opposite to your very own healing. When your true intention might be to attain inner peace.  Acceptance, unlike what they say, requires you to sit and break those pieces of information, about a moment or person. Only then can you meet content

Three Acceptance Tools to Cope with Anxiety.

Whether it’s a situation or a choice, we often get fixated on never-ending list of questions as an attempt to cope with the anxiety. It may look like we are in a deep thought process, with inner statements that look like  “ If only I think about it long enough, I’m sure I will find a way.”   “If I don’t think long enough, I may miss the answers that may occur suddenly”   “That’s not what I expected to happen.” “I can’t deal with the fact that I didn’t get that job.” “What have I done for my partner to leave me?” “How will I manage to live without this now?” “I can’t tolerate this at all.”   The purpose of Anxiety is control. Things that lead us fearful or uncertain about people, places or events in our life; is more likely you will want to control it. Because you are not ready to face those uncertain feelings. When this happens, you will find yourself – running away, fighting against, chasing after things that don’t appear to be modified or changed. Acceptance as a copin