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"To Heal Each Other's Wounds"- The Real Meaning of Intimacy that'll Surprise You.

I didn't come to realize my own beauty, until it was reflected back to me. Like a mirror. Coming from another loving, caring human being.  True intimacy is human constant. I believe. To heal each other's wounds; and repair the broken skin.  Intimacy is when they'll answer your phone- "Hey you." When they stop and wait for you as tie you shoe lace. Intimacy is when they identify your voice is thick with worry. The comfort that you sense as you share your honest thoughts with them. Without the fear of being judged. Even if your thoughts makes no sense.  To sing badly with you in a car. To recognize your handwriting instantly. When they're trying to make plans and say "oh no, I know you're busy that day." When they're there for you watching you cry. Being able to portray your deepest darkest secrets, fears, disappointments and frustrations. And yet feeling seen and understood, in a way you just couldn't describe.  The intimacy of