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3 "Non-Angry" Statements When Someone Dismisses Your Feelings.

The rolling eyes, sighing on my requests. Playing on their phones. Avoiding. Storming off the room.  I have had enough of people to dismiss, neglect, and minimize how I feel. When all I needed was someone to tell me that I'm not going crazy! That my thoughts matter for real.  "You shouldn't be angry" "It wasn't that bad" "You always make a big deal out of it" How painful is that, to hear if from someone you need the most. I have made a complete fool of myself until I figured simple three ways to respond.  1. "I'm not asking you to evaluate whether my feelings are valid." You may always need someone in relationship to understand you. However it's too easy for a partner to get off the topic and judge how acceptable your emotions are. But in those moments, you only need them to offer you some kind of validation. When that doesn't happen, it may throw you off guard. Especially if you're a highly sensitive perso