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What To Do With Repetitive Thoughts In Your Head?

  You’re in a pub with your friends. Suddenly in the back of your head, you have a thought — “ They think I’m an idiot. They would probably reject me. ” In response, you try to distract yourself, focus on drinking and withdraw from those around you.  Illustration by Mamewmy Take another scenario where you have travelled across a town to visit a friend at 11am, but he doesn’t show up. To interpret the situation, you may say — “ He doesn’t like me .” Now you’re distressed and later that evening you experience difficulty in falling asleep. Williams in a  2018 report  stated that these repetitive thoughts occur because of   an existing  bias   against ourselves . In such a case, you overlook your strengths, downplay your achievements and focus on your weaknesses. He explains that, when you have thoughts like ‘ others don’t like me ’ - you are attempting to  evaluate how others see you . What they are thinking of you would be your core concern.  Similarly thoughts like ‘ Oh, i should have r

How To Set New Standards for Personal Recovery & Healing.

It takes only a micro-shift that will allow us to access new beginnings and another perspective. New standards for a living may begin if only could we remain in the same situation and yet shift the context of our being. If only can we set time apart for the context we would prefer to live in.  The process of recovery, healing, moving on, or developing a new manner of living evolves when we give it the structure that is needed. The structure of our living may not be easy when we move through it, mindlessly. When our brain is not given a chance to take a pause, pick up a journal and break those emotions of pain, into as many pieces as it would. Only to further process each one of those individually. When we are too fearful that suppression of it feels easier than sitting with it.  To structure our living, our use of intention may serve us. To go about the day be mindful of the choices available to us. About the actions, we pick, despite the urges that play opposite to our desired standar