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The Anxiety That Comes In When You Don't Know What You're Looking For.

It is important that you learn to be happy for the things that others have but you don't. But it is also important that you learn to allow yourself to not have found what you were looking for.  In a world that constantly have you battling with yourself - self-doubt is an expected phenomenon. In a world that will always leave you questioning "what next" have you achieved and "where next" will you go. It is important that you allow the empty spaces to be the source to explore yourself. To explore the options you have and engage in rational decision-making. Rather than fearing those lack of answers.  The uncertainty that you are obsessing over, maybe the goal of it is not to find "what's next." Maybe the goal of your uncertainty is to learn ways to make peace with its existence. It is to have no answers and engage in seeking new pieces of information. It is to allow anxiety to let in without needing to escape from its gaps. It is to navigate through y

How To Connect With Your Feelings And Make Better Decisions?

Connecting with our feelings can be an overwhelming task to do. And so does when we have to disconnect with them. When there is a whole range of emotions that we attempt to decide and figure out the meaning of, only to seek clarity about a situation.  We often attempt to connect with our feelings. But it becomes a struggle when we do so by targeting the "intensity" of these feelings. "The greater the intensity, the more we must push ourselves to achieve clarity" - is when we lie to ourselves. When we fail to achieve clarity, we move towards disconnecting with those.  Moreover, you will know you are disconnecting from your feelings when you dismiss or minimize your reality. The more connected you are with the intensity of your feelings, the more dismissive you may find yourself. "I must not feel upset about it", "why did that happen to me. "  When instead connection looks more like caring for yourself, especially when you notice the intensity of y