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What Does It Really Mean To Hold Regard For Someone?

  To really hold regard for someone, might mean to re-consider our expectations towards the "shoulds" in that relationship.  It is when you need the time to sit alone and process the hard times all by yourselves, but you also ensure the person’s happiness over you. It is when you know you don’t have much to offer, and yet hold the consideration that maybe one day you will. With the right time and the next moment. When discussing together those hard, difficult, and uncomfortable emotions seems much easier than suppressing them and fearing them. When you know that you will be offered the safe space that you didn’t even know you needed, for your emotions to flow naturally. Without your conscious mind having to control it. It is that feeling where you sacrifice your needs to not seek their approval, but rather to show yours to them. It is when you lack the courage to apologize or take responsibility for your actions, but couldn’t bear the idea of seeing them hurt. There are not m