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How To Stop Being Triggered By Everyday Triggers.

  The idea is simple. You get triggered because you haven’t given yourself the pause that you need. You haven’t allowed yourself to process the immediate emotion you have. By not doing so,   your brain goes into flight or fight response without having a chance to brainstorm concrete steps you can take to cope with that emotion. So how do you exactly do it? 1. What are some of the moments on a typical day that overwhelm you. Get yourself a pen and a paper.   List down moments that trigger you to blame or shame others. List down moments where you feel angry and frustrated. List down moments that remind you that the situation is out of your control. List down people that annoy you. List down the incidents that keep repeating and overwhelm you.   2. Pause, Pause & Pause. What does it mean? It means is to give yourself a moment to be gentle with your feelings, which you won’t usually do otherwise. The pause allows you notice that the situation is ge

The "Shoulds" Of Being A "Bigger Person" That You Must Let Go.

  What if being a bigger person meant that you acknowledge how you really feel? Being hurt by a partner’s words. Misled by someone else’s wrong doings. Felt angry, but didn’t want to appear crazy. Whether in a relationship with your partner or interacting with a younger sibling, how often in one day a voice inside you tells you- “but you should be the bigger person” no matter what.   1. I Should Be ‘Excusing’ their offense towards Me. By excusing their offense, you are minimizing your honest feelings about their actions. You give yourself an opportunity to deny your own feelings and needs in that particular situation. Neither could you then sit and actually process the true emotions that will help you process and move on. Something that doesn’t allow you to take a pause and ask yourself, "okay this is how I feel. Let's see what can I do about it now." What if being a bigger person meant that you acknowledge how you really feel? By doing so, you a

"Cut Out the Noise and Follow Your Heart" 2 Thoughts to Cope With Uncertainty.

Things may always go a million direction. The what if questions coming from our minds, won't have an answer. Your fears will flash infront of your eyes asking you for protection. But the only thing we can control is the process through which we reach out destination.  "I don't need to have all the answers to my struggles. I can find them along the way." It's a desire to be in control of what we fear. Running away from you own limitations. From people who are prone to criticize you. Thoughts that leave you uncertain. Places that remind you of what you haven't found yet. Consequences of things you anticipate.  I know you've been protecting yourself lately. Yelling back at criticisms and defending yourself. Covering your own limitations in an isolated corner of a room. Shedding tears hard enough that the pain may leave you alone.  You don't need to have all the answer today. You're not supposed to stand firm and face your future all at onc